Prince William Sound's secrets will never truly be understood, but we sure do have a great time trying...

Why Prince William Sound? Close proximity to Anchorage, calm seas, abundant marine life, National Forest lands and endless exploring!

Where do I purchase all tags and licenses? www.adfg.alaska.gov

Where do I fly in to? Anchorage, Alaska

What’s a good hotel in Anchorage? Puffin Inn

What time will I be picked up from my hotel? 7:10 in the Lobby.

What to bring? See what to bring for sea duck hunts, trips, deer hunting and bear hunting.

What to do with harvested fish and game? Guide will recommend.

Do I need fishing tackle or rods? All rods and tackle are provided.

What day and time should I schedule my flights? Guide recommends arriving a day before trip starts and returning a day after trip ends.

What about safety measures? Your safety and satisfaction are top priority.

How to pay? Gas and Time requires half down to book your trip.Contact us to arrange payment.


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